Do you like the look of GLO Nail Bar?

Are you building a new salon or planning to remodel, modernize, and/or update the look of your  current salon?

Do you want your salon to stand out and to have a look and style that is distinctive to your personal taste rather than a cook-cutter salon with bland decor and typical furniture similar to what is found at 99% of salons in the U.S.? 

Tomson and Tracy, the designers and owners of GLO Nail Bar, are now offering limited design consultation services.  Working with a small team of carpenters and woodworkers, they designed and hand built every major salon furniture in GLO Nail Bar, including the pedicure stations, manicure bars, dry bars, reception/front desk, polish wall, and wall display - making GLO one of the most unique nail salons in the industry.   Now, their design talents and expertise will be available to a select few. If you are interested in retaining their design services and/or would like a consultation, please complete the form below.