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Premier source for fashionable nails, custom spa pedicures and exceptional service. Inspired by the spirit that is the "SoCal" lifestyle, each salon boasts customized decor and furnishings that are a blend of comfort and functionality for a look that is modern and chic.




Berries & Bubbly

Celebrate “me time” this holiday season by immersing your feet in a refreshing raspberry bubbling foot soak bath that both relaxes your muscles and soften your skin.  Once your feet are ready, an exfoliating sugar scrub made with fresh raspberries is applied to remove dead and dry skin, all of which is rinsed away with bubbly champagne.  Your bare skin is then coated with a cool clay foot masque drizzled with melted shea butter and all is wrapped in a steamy hot towel.  Once complete, your skin will be completely hydrated and beautiful. A 15- minute relaxing massage with your choice of hot stones completes the pedicure.  With your “me time” complete, your feet will feel more ready than ever for the holidays. 


Candy Cane

What better way to enjoy the holiday cheer than with Candy Cane Pedicure!  Our holiday themed pedicure begins with peppermint bathe filled with fresh rose petals. As you fully relax, a peppermint scrub applied to exfoliate your skin followed by a mint foot masque and paraffin dip. Once complete, your feet and calves will feel completely rejuvenated, giving you the energy to handle all the holiday festivities. Then to brighten your holiday spirits with a 5- minute foot massage! 

Gingerbread Manicure

The perfect holiday mani.  The service begins with a milk soak to soften your hands followed by a brown sugar exfoliating scrub containing an aroma of gingersnap to help remove your dry winter skin, leaving your hands looking youthful and smooth.  Your hands are then treated to a 15-minute relaxing massage with a custom-blend crème moisturizer.  Your nails are then prepped and polished which completes this holiday manicure. 

Mint Chocolate Mistle-toe 

Deck your heels in this holiday delight! This delicious pedicure begins with warm chocolate milk soak combined with a ball of minty bath fizz.  Next, your feet and legs are smoothed and exfoliated with a fine grain custom exfoliating scrub and rinsed off with warm chocolate milk.  This is guaranteed to remove your dry winter skin leaving it completely soft to the touch.  Your feet and skin are then coated in a hot chocolate masque loaded with nourishing vitamins and dipped in heated paraffin wax.  A 15- minute massage with shea butter relaxes and refreshes your feet allowing you to be primp and polish to complete this holiday inspired pedicure.  


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