About Us

Premier source for fashionable nails, custom spa pedicures and exceptional service. Inspired by the spirit that is the "SoCal" lifestyle, each salon boasts customized decor and furnishings that are a blend of comfort and functionality for a look that is modern and chic.

Seasonal Pedicure


Heavenly Bliss Manicure

Custom Bubbly Soak • Rose Exfoliating Scrub • Champagne & Milk Rinse • Collagen Mask • Paraffin • 10 Minutes Massage • Premium Lacquer of Choice •  Or Add GEL Polish +20


Berries & Cream KISS Pedicure

Strawberry & Milk Bath Bomb Soak • Whipped Strawberry Scrub • Honey Hydrating Foot Masque • Paraffin • 5 Minutes Massage • Polish

Cupid’s Cocktail Pedicure

Milk & Honey Jelly Soak • Chocolate Sugar Scrub • Warm Chocolate Milk Rinse • Hydrating Mud Leg Masque • Paraffin • 10 Minutes Massage • Polish 


Love Potion Pedicure

Plumeria & Citrus Bubbly Soak • Custom Blend Sea Salt Scrub • Bubbly Champagne Rinse • Cooling Purifying Leg Masque • Foot Collagen Mask • Paraffin • 15 Minutes Massage • Polish


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